Celtic Meltdown


In 1975 Cearbhall attended The New School of Social Research, in New York   www.newschool.edu/nssr/  

He then traded commodities on the Chicago Board of Trade with the Continental Grain Company of America and worked with EXXON Oil in Alaska. In the early 80's he invested in Ireland's tourism and fishing industries.

He  sold these interests in the early 90's and worked in the Sverdlovsk Oblast region of Russia with the EU Commission -TACIS Program.  TACIS was launched by the European Union, to provide grant-financed technical assistance to Russia plus its 12 former satellite States. The main aim of the program was to enhance and assist the transition to democracy in these newly independent States and prevent Communism from taking hold again.


 Cearbhall's proposal for the restoration of Ireland's wild salmon stocks