Celtic Meltdown

                                                Take Care of Yourself

I am coming to the conclusion that the best thing for most people to do in these turbulent times is to take a break. The whole country is traumatised by what has happened to our banking system and many people are building up unnecessary levels of stress which is very bad for their health.

When I first began trading commodities, back in 1974 in America, I had a mentor named Norman Grulich from Florida and one day he said;

“I’m going to give you a very valuable piece of advice now and I want you to remember it. It’s very simple and it will save you a lot of money over your lifetime. In the marketplace most people believe you have two options, you buy or you sell. But you also have a third option, which most people are aware of but don’t count as a strategy, and that option is 'do nothing.' In nearly 50% of cases doing nothing is the correct course of action. Forget about missing what’s going on, there will be something else going on tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

I can say with certainty that Norman was correct all those years ago and I have never forgotten the advice.

For those of you who can afford it, I would recommend a visit to Rajasthan in North/West India. On one level it is like stepping back in time and on another level you will see the new, vibrant, India.

 Be careful to avoid the monsoon season which runs from June to September.


Below is a comfortable hotel in Jaipur, about Euro 25 per night.


If you would like a taste of the old Raj, at about Euro 300 per night, this is for you.
 Rambagh Palace in Jaipur

If you would like to stay in a truly spectacular Maharaja Palace  click above

Euro 500 per night